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Why is it you can't look into the window of people, you don't know? And what keeps you from wearing masks of old Egyptian gods when walking around in the streets of Cairo? 

THIS IS NOT FICTION presents artists and artist groups who, in different ways, play and manipulate with what we know and accept as reality.

Through performance, photography, collage and painting, the difference between what is real, what is invented and what is staged and in this fuzzy landscape between fiction and reality unexpected images and scenarios emerge. We meet buildings with arms and legs, photos of people hanging on to trees, bodybuilders from Egypt and an one-eyed elf trying to save the world.

The participating artists J&K, Nina Jan Beier og Marie Jan Lund, Pilaiporn June Petrith and Sergei Sviatchenko all take as their point of departure real persons, places and situations but only to change, exhibit and manipulate them into surreal fantasy images or collective acts of social disobedience.

J&K document situations where they engage in performative actions. Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund instruct people how to negotiate or enact social rules of behaviour. Pilaiporn June Petriths cartoon character is painted onto the mass medias visual documentations of warzones and catastrophes around the world. Sergei Sviatchenko makes surreal forms and figures out of the contemporary whirlpool of images from newspapers, Magazines, Internet as well as intimate private photographs of his own family members.

A common denominator for the exhibiting artists is that they are either very close to or have just celebrated a big international break. THIS IS NOT FICTION uses the opportunity to introduce a concentrate of their artistic production so far – presenting not just a thematic exhibition but at the same time four mini-retrospective exhibitions of artists at the beginning of an international career. At the same time all the artists have made a new work exclusively for MILK WALL.

MILK WALL by Senko Studio is a 13 meter long white wall which will host experimenting and curated exhibitions of contemporary art in the future. The wall is situated in the concept and design shop MILK where you can buy exclusive furniture, books, clothes etc.

Opening of the shop and MILK WALL will take place Thursday the 26th September between 16-20. Nina Jan Beier og Marie Jan Lund will present their first performance in Denmark ever and there will be live music by Henrik Vibskov. Everyone is welcome.

The exhibition THIS IS NOT FICTION is curated by Nina Poulsen and Christian Skovbjerg Jensen.