The censored Artists' Easter exhibition.

Member of the committee, designer of the exhibition and poster.

Exhibition presents, KP12, in the Aarhus Art Building, a broad selection of tendencies in contemporary art from both established and new talents on the Danish art scene.

KP12 is censored by a committee that evaluates each artwork send in from all parts of the country. During the evaluation the committee is not provided with any information about the artists and will therefore judge solely on the creative value of the artworks.

At this year censoring process 1738 artworks were sent in representing a total of 358 artists.

The committee discussed each work on its own conditions, not interrupted by any theme or category. After four days of intense evaluation the committee chose 65 artworks represented by 37 artists, where 25 are artists exhibiting for the first time.

This year five artists were selected the committee: Annette Olesen, Katja Bjørn Jakobsen, Nynne Haugaard, Andreas Schulenburg and Sergei Sviatchenko.

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