In the year 1018, King Knud the Great had a coin made in Viborg. Therefore, we can almost with certainty say that Viborg was well-established as a place of power in the early Middle Ages and that 1018 is the ‘birth year’ of Viborg as a center of politics, power and administration in Jutland. To celebrate this event artist Sergei Sviatchenko has created a huge collage - a visual narrative about Viborg's 1000-year history.

Sviatchenko collaborated with Museum Inspector Jesper Hjermind from Viborg Museum selecting material from hundreds of historical sources about important events and personalities throughout the thousand-year period.

Sviatchenko is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading collage artists in contemporary art. In the project heuses cut-and-paste techniques to twist historical facts and put them into a different context that offer the viewer a new perspective on history. In the project the writing of history by means of artistry is coded with surprising and humorous compositions. The purpose is to make the audience aware that history is never objective – it will always be written with some sort of underlying agenda.

Discover Tribute to Viborgand explore Viborg's history, recognizable buildings, places and personalities and be amazed at how Viborg was 500 years or 50 years ago. The 28 meter-long work is divided into centuries, to illustrate the way in which the work has been created - one century at a time.

Take a look at the wall behind you to see illustrations of the entire period from 1018-2018, see the exhibition on your own or bring a text that guides you through the various elements and introduces you to historical characters and events.

Tribute to Viborg offers you a moment of time travel - a tribute to the historical, present and future Viborg.

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