The face of CPH fashion week SS08

By TWIN and artist Sergei Sviatchenko.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week

Paradox has caught Scandinavia's smallest country Denmark hosting Northern Europe's largest fashion event. Copenhagen Fashion Week takes place twice a year, in August and February, and includes, besides from three fashion fairs with no less than 1.100 exhibitors, an increasing number of fashion shows round town. Copenhagen Fashion Week, which first became reality back in 1964, every season attracts more than 50.000 buyers, designers and world press attendees to the miniature metropol up north. But despite the fact that the fashion week is a veteran in terms of age, it is within recent years that it has expanded rapidly and every season brings with it more international designers and new audience friendly initiatives. Accordingly Copenhagen Fashion Week last year introduced broadcasting fashion shows to giant screens in favour of the public and this year expanded to streaming shows on the internet and providing features such as shows, designer interviews and artistic video collages from art duo TWIN and artist Sergei Sviatchenko. In the face of abovementioned paradox Copenhagen Fashion Week as ambassador of the world renowned concept of Danish Design deserves a serious position in the global atlas of fashion.

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