From the series Creating a new story, Botticelli , 2017, collage on found book

Из серии Создавая новые истории: Боттичелли, 2017, коллаж на найденных книгах

By creating this series I wanted to trace the genealogy of the feeling when I bought a book Botticelli from 1938 in Berlin in 2017. I always saw Botticelli works as a great example of integration art into architecture, perfect scale and undiscussable tints. Being in black and white Berlin and photographing the buildings from the period of constructivism I felt locked in the system of vertical and horizontal lines, which corresponds to the architectural principles of designing buildings especially during the period of constructivism, where the line is a skeleton, a framework, a system of construction. Botticelli rescued me. The gap between the centuries disappeared by creating the book “Mechanical formation on forms” – the pages from which I show now at Kyiv Photo Week.

Механические образования на формах.

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