The parades, red, black and white words: revolution, peace, Majakovskij, avant-garde - were part of my life for a long time.

The Parade - is a series of work based on rare finds at a flea book market. Extensive work on their restoration and comprehension of the images culminated in creating those multimedia three-dimensional collages and provides an opportunity for the public to become familiar with an exploratory, logical and intuitive artistic process.


3d photo collage, various sizes, limited edition: 5+2AP, Signed.

Lambda kodak silver paper print.

2009.06.20 3d_L1090232_red

2009.06.20 3d_L1090233_light-blue

2009.06.20 3d_L1090241_green

2009.06.20 3d_L1090257_pink

2009.06.20 3d_L1090258_rosa

C-print on Kodak paper, limited edition.